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'La Biche au bois', 1901

1903: Arab riders 

Primitifs (early films)

1896–1910: the dawn of cinema
2 hours - Gaumont Collection

"Primitif" refers to the early days of film. This collection comprises various genres: trick films, outdoor sequences, instructive items, acrobatic routines, current affairs, comic acts and more .

A few titles:
La Biche au Bois, a hand-coloured trick film from 1896 and one of the earliest gems in Gaumont's catalogue; Little Tich: Parodie d’Une Danse de Loïe Fuller, a comic dance routine spoofing a famous dancer of the day; Les Cavaliers Arabes, a news item from 1901; and a live broadcast from 1901, Les Patineurs sur le Lac d’Enghien (Skaters on Lake Enghien)