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1922: Canard en ciné, the underground of the year 2000 

1922: Canard en Ciné, campaign for women votes

Rouge, D and E series

1900-1946: a different programme
145 hours - Gaumont Collections

These items were originally intended for the Actualités programmes screened between 1900 and 1920. The Rouge series is, however, better described as a collection of documentary-style films covering major international subjects and events; for example, the history of China in the early 20th century is related through various aspects of its society, from street scenes to traditional Chinese theatre, water carriers and opium smokers

Comprising some 300 items of never-before-screened footage, this collection provides a perfect illustration of the dynamic nature of film libraries, which are constantly on the lookout for undiscovered material to enrich their resources

The Rouge series was followed by the D and E series, featuring stories that cover sporting and cultural events. Both series provide a film record of the history of the inter-war period and the start of post-WW II reconstruction .

This collection also contains never-before-screened episodes of the Canard en Ciné series, which was broadcast from 1920 to 1922. Robert Lortac, one of Europe’s animation pioneers, launched this humorous bi-monthly programme. Each episode (about 10 minutes long) delivered “the first cheerful news programme” and featured Lortac’s audacious drawings. Gaumont broadcast the series alongside its regular newsreel. The cartoons complemented the news stories with a touch of caricature; together, they perfectly portray the spirit of the times .