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1942: In a german submarine during a battle on the Atlantic ocean

Pathé Journal de Marseille

1940-1942: the newsreel of unoccupied France
15 hours - Gaumont and Pathé Collections

The German single-newsreel policy for occupied France led to France Actualités, which in turn pushed Société Nouvelle des Etablissements Gaumont (SNE Gaumont) to produce its own programme for unoccupied France in association with Pathé .

From 1940 to 1942, Pathé and Gaumont produced a news programme that was broadcast in cinemas throughout the south of France, the Pathé Journal de Marseille (or the Journal de Vichy), which was under the control of the Vichy government .

These images provide a rare glimpse into this period of Vichy France’s collaboration with the occupying German forces, and the collection is riddled with Pétain propaganda .

However, from 1942 until 1944, France Actualités was the only newsreel approved for broadcast across the whole of France .