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Amateur films


March, 1952: The crossing the Suez Canal

1953: the aviation in Dien Bien Phu - C119 Fairchild Packet

 1962: Général de Gaulle in Lure

Pierre Antoine

1948–1962: from the Indochinese conflict to the Algerian War 
5 hours - Pathé collection

Career soldier and cinema enthusiast, Pierre Antoine produced several hours of 16-mm colour film between 1949 and 1962, covering events from the Indochinese conflict to the Algerian War

Highlights of the collection:

Djibouti '49
Featuring countless shots of the town.

Aboard the Pasteur
Images filmed on board the boat that transported soldiers to Indochina. 

Crossing the Suez Canal (1952)
From Port Saïd to Suez, a journey captured from aboard the boat. Some buildings and monuments featured in the film are no longer standing .

Indochina: 1952 - 1954
Images of paddy fields.
A military ceremony attended by Generals Salan, Juin and Gilles.
Hanoï in 1954.
Images of Laos.
Air base during the Battle of Dien Bien Phu showing US airmen arriving in their planes to assist the French.

Secret base in Hammaguir from which missiles were launched.
French soldiers in the desert, machine-gunning gazelles for food.
Algerians hired to build the base. 

Lure in 1962
General de Gaulle's short visit to Lure (a small town in eastern France), filmed with a shoulder camera. The town's elite, the local people, the firemen and schoolchildren are seen welcoming their head of state .