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The 70’s: naturist holidays

The 70's: The Pons folk festival

Alain Lartigue

1955-1970s: hippies and nudism
1 hour - Represented by GP archives

We have been commissioned by independent director Alain Lartigue to market the following films:

Festival Folk (Folk Festival)
A full-length report on the Pons Folk Festival, featuring countless lively images of hippies dancing around and playing various regional instruments.    

Naturisme (Nudism)
A keen nudist, Alain Lartigue boasts a large collection of films featuring fellow enthusiasts (films in colour and black and white). 

L'Âne de Carton (The Cardboard Donkey)
A traditional harvest in the Sierra de Teruel district of Spain.

Le Radeau (The Raft)
River adventures in the gorges of the Ardèche region in the 1950s.