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1947: 'Nos Petits, comment protéger l'enfant'

1949: Pacific 231 

1955: 'Aspects de la France, Paris a mon coeur'


1946-1970: everyday life, agriculture and tourism
25 hours - Represented by GP archives

André Tadié produced many documentary shorts, meant for screening before the main film in cinemas, and also has a number of educational films to his credit. These include :

Pacific 231
A railroad classic: Arthur Honnegger’s musical score is accompanied by images of locomotives moving full-steam ahead

Abbé Pierre
A report on the people at Emmaüs in 1954. This film is the perfect complement to the excellent report in the Pathé Journal

Highway Code
Driving school films dating from the late 1960s

Films on agriculture and the use of chemical products
This collection includes many films on agriculture sponsored by the manufacturers of chemical treatments. In addition to the beautiful colour shots, particularly of vines and grape harvests, these images show the extent to which agriculture in the 1960s abused chemical products, many of which are banned today

France in the 1950s in colour
The Aspect de la France series shows various French provinces in the 1950s. We witness a developing country at a time when many people still wore traditional dress

The day-to-day life of babies and children
Several items from this collection deal with nursery care and hygiene: lots of images on the care given to infants, feeding, maternity hospitals and everyday life in 1947. Visages de Jeunes (1963) is extremely instructive regarding the life of children at that time .

The 1960 Tour de France
In colour: superb images of the advertising caravan, the cyclists as they begin the race, and Yvette Horner .

...Plus lots of other reports on such topics as Paris, viticulture and plant diseases, to name but a few .